Semrush vs Mangools

Mangools Serpcheck vs SEMrush

Our comparison table helps you to chose which tools ranks better, and features


Long tail keywords should also have a certain search volume to make optimization worthwhile. Therefore you can select the KWFinder according to certain criteria.


The KWFinder database currently contains more than 1.6 billion keywords. The KWFinder helps to find the best long tail keywords with little competition.

Find a Keyword

Manchmal entscheiden Details darüber, wie leicht oder schwer es ist für ein Keyword zu ranken. Mit dem KWFinder lässt sich einfach herausfinden, ob es sehr ähnliche Begriffe gibt, für die eine Optimierung sinnvoller wäre.

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My mistake with some keywords

One of the mistakes I made at the beginning: I tried to rank with keywords where I had no chance to rank. So I wasted unnecessary time and energy chasing after hard keywords. At some point I realized that an optimization of the website without keyword research tool makes no sense.

You can fill your blog with content without a tool, but you can’t get good rankings that way. So what to do if SEO tools like ahref and XOVI are too expensive for a hobby project?

One goes on the search for a cheaper alternative in order to be able to carry out a professional keyword research anyway. And so I discovered one of Mangools‘ tools: The Mangoogls KWFinder.


Never used

The million-strongest keyword queries account for 25% of all Google searches. Only 12.6% of all Google clicks go to one of the Top 100 domains. Marketers who combine organic SEO and PPC ads see 25% more clicks and 27% more profits.

– Google Stats

SERP Comparison table and review

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