3 Reasons for using SERP

Yes Serp matters because…

The very first question you should answer before going to the main functions is: “What is a SERP”? The SERP definition is the following: “A web page generated by a search engine as an answer to a user query”. The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Results Page” as search engine results pages.

To explain it in simple terms:

If you find information and write down a suitable keyword and the search engine gives you the feedback in the form of a page with the results found. These results are links that contain the details of your query.

The main elements of SERP are:

Direct search results consisting of links to sites. This is the natural determination of search engines, but where sites fail most often.

  1. The search results page contains 10 links by default, this number can be changed in the search settings;
  2. Block with advertising from the context;
  3. Small fields in front of search results. They can include typos, a quick response to a user query, a calculator and much more;
  4. Images are included with special searches;
  5. Related queries – the search query is refined. The user is offered word parts or similar queries;
  2. Management elements – this includes links to the sites, prompts, etc while the user makes the query.
  1. Since Google appeared, SERP’s organic results have not changed much. However, the use of advertising words (AdWords) has led Google to start including new SERP non-organic results.

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